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Our leading Dangerous Goods storage and handling consultancy assists clients in meeting their legal obligations with Government Regulations.

Petro-chemical storage and handling facilities must comply with a number of complex Regulations managed by different Government Agencies which include local Councils, WorkCover and EPA. This is a key part of an organisation’s regulatory compliance and due diligence. Petrolink is the leader in Dangerous Goods compliance issues. Assistance with Storage concept, design and Plan development, Development Applications including Preliminary Hazard Analyses, Risk Assessments and DG Safety Management Systems are our specialties.

Petrolink’s extensive consulting services include:

  •     Site Risk Assessments, identification of site hazards and recommendations for safety controls for compliance with the Dangerous Goods Regulations, Australian Standards and Occupational Health and Safety Requirements
  •     Recommendations for the safe Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances
  •     Approved Site Plans to accompany Notification of Keeping Dangerous Goods.
  •     Designs and Specifications for Specialised Storage Facilities, Maintenance, Safe Handling, Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
  •     Technical Writing and Procedures Manuals.

Petrolink is a member of the Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants and currently has a “General Multiple” accreditation with the AIDGC which includes all Classes  of Dangerous Goods (except Explosives and Radio Active Substances) as well as all industry types including Service Stations, Bulk Fuel Installations, Gas Storages, Foods, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Educational and Research Institutions. As a member of the Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants, Petrolink is involved in the continual improvement processes of dangerous goods handling.

Petrolink can provide a program of regular audit and feedback, not only of hazardous substances and dangerous goods handling, but also the supporting Occupational Health and Safety infrastructure. The feedback can include advice and comment on site safety practices, emergency and evacuation planning, material safety data sheet updates, waste handling protocols and general environmental procedures.

As one of the State’s leading Dangerous Goods consultants, Petrolink can assist with planning and design of storage facilities and procedures for a wide range of dangerous goods and hazardous substances, including gases, flammable liquids, oxidising agents, toxic and corrosive substances, miscellaneous goods and consumer commodities. This includes both new and current facilities.

Every site is continually changing, as are the various regulatory requirements. Hazardous and Dangerous Goods handling procedures need to be approached on the basis of continual review and update.

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