Protection of the environment is central to Petrolink’s method of operations. We are constantly vigillant and work to an Environmental Protection Plan that uses methods, materials and equipment proven to be environmentally sound.

Petrolink’s Environmental Division offers a comprehensive service to owner/operators of petrochemical storage systems including Environmental Protection Planning, Site investigation, Remediation Action and Validation, Ground Water Monitor Well installation and ongoing monitoring. A complete cradle to grave service.

We work in an industry that can be responsible for extremely damaging pollution that poses a threat to humans and the natural environment. Petrolink takes a proactive approach by working with clients to avoid pollution in the first instance by recommending and using environmentally safe equipment and procedures.

Recent Legislation requires the installation and monitoring of Ground Water Wells wherever underground storage systems are in use. Petrolink’s Environmental Division offers design, licencing, installation and ongoing monitoring of GWMW’s.

Cradle to Grave Environmental Solutions.

Petrolink’s  Environmental Engineering services begin with an environmentally responsible design, ongoing site monitoring with SIRvey and Well Monitoring and extends to final legal and safe site Decommissioning, Remediation where applicable and Final Validation.

Your Environment and the Law.

A matrix of regulations and hazards are considered in Petrolink’s environmental services. Businesses and individuals are held accountable for polluting the environment and significant penalties can be incurred.

Petrochemical sites in Australia all need to adhere to:

  • Legislation
  • Regulation
  • Codes of Practice
  • Australian Standards
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Local council SREPs

Environmental responsibilities were often ignored in the past. Now, many stakeholder groups monitor your business’ environmental and safety obligations.

The following stakeholders have a vested interest in your environmental operations.

  •     Department of Environment Climate Change and Water
  •     (DECCW, formerly the Environmental Protection Agency and now the OEH)
  •     Comcare, WorkCover (NSW), WorkSafe (VIC) and all State work-safety agencies
  •     Local councils

Further government agencies and community groups are included ad hoc.

Every site is different.
Years of specific experience place Petrolink in a unique position to handle your complex needs.

For more information and assistance, speak to a Petrochemical Environmental Specialist today on (02) 4722 9775 or 1300 738 075

The following has been taken from the NSW UPSS Regulation 2008. It is indicative of the many complex requirements of your Environmental Protection Plan. Petrolink can manage this process for you.

Underground Petroleum Storage System not to be used unless environment protection plan in place

  •     A storage system must not be used otherwise than in accordance with an environment protection plan that is in place in relation to the system.
  • A storage system’s environment protection plan must include
    • a loss monitoring procedure (such as Petrolink’s SIRvey)
    • an incident management procedure,
    • a maintenance schedule
    • the current “as-built” drawings for the system
    • a plan of the storage site that includes the locations of each of the following:
      • the storage system
      • all buildings and associated infrastructure
      • all fences and gates
      • all groundwater monitoring wells including any codes or symbols by which they are designated
      • any unsealed ground surfaces
    • copies of industry standards (local government-specific)
    • copies of specifications (local government-specific)
    • further information (local government-specific)
  • “The information to be included in the environmental protection plan for a storage system is as follows:
    • the name of the person responsible for the system and an address for service and a 24 hour contact phone number for that person
    • if the person responsible for the system is a corporation:
      • the name of the natural person who is authorised to act on behalf for the corporation in relation to the control of the system and
      • a 24 hour contact number for that person
    • the street address of the storage site
    • the land title particulars (such as the Lot and DP numbers of the land on which the system is situated
    • if the person responsible for the system is not the owner of the storage site, the name of the owner…

and much, much more.

For more information, speak to a Petrochemical Environmental Specialist today on (02) 4722 9775 or 1300 738 075

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