The cost of fuel supply, management and monitoring has never been more critical to an organisation’s cost control, operation and environmental responsibility.
Knowing fuel usage, location and storage levels is simply management best practice.

Petrolink Engineering, in conjunction with Fuellox, now offers what has been described as the best fuel monitoring technology for remote and transportable fuel tank management.
Fuellox is ideal for:

  • Mobile tanks
  • Fuel Trailers
  • Remote, isolated or tanks in locations with poor (or no) service coverage
  • Customers for whom managing tags, fobs or cards is or has been a problem
  • Customers with many tanks, where typical FMS may be cost prohibitive.

Fuellox has been designed for these applications, and is ideal for any customer who has small tanks and poly tanks that need to digitise their fuel log books.


Fuellox is App Based, and works with your customer existing smartphones^.
Unlike traditional FMS, where you use a combination of tags, and pins with equipment and users, you can now use your existing tech to enable Fuel Management.

  • Install with any pump, and a pulse meter*
  • Very easy to install, with 'out of the box' Estop, Override and switching
  • GPS Location tagged with each dispense - know where you fuel is used
  • Record fuel for unlimited vehicles
  • Tailor the configuration for Customer centric businesses or Project centric businesses
  • Unlimited transaction storage
  • Cloud based reporting and management
  • Secure passwords with app, and QR Codes on equipment means no more errors in fuel logs
  • Configure Preset dispensing for equipment as and when needed
  • No Modems, Lan 3G/4G, or WiFi required. Uses the data plan on your phone
  • No touch operation. No keypad, or buttons. Touch free installation means longer life, no wear and tear
  • Integrates to tank level* monitor
  • Ideal for portable systems as well as field tanks
  • System support, help and on-line videos to support your users from their smartphone

* Not included in system price
^ Some older phones may not be compatible with Fuellox.

Take a minute and view these two instructional videos – they say a lot about Fuellox and how easy it is to use.



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